How can I get the most out of my DxO ONE’s battery?

Your DxO ONE comes with a built-in 750 mAh Li-ion battery, which lets it operate without ever using your iPhone’s battery. You can take up to 190 stills or 60 minutes of video with a full charge.

To maximize the battery life of your DxO ONE, follow these 10 simple tips.


10 tips to get the most of you DxO ONE's battery

puce-1.png If you just bought the camera or haven’t used it for a while, charge it as soon as you can.

In such situations after startup, your camera may display a battery level that is higher than the actual level. While you still might be able to take a few pictures, you may experience a rapid and seemingly abnormal drop in the battery level. We highly recommend that you fully charge your camera as soon you can to benefit from the full capacity of your battery.

If your camera has been left unused so long that its battery is fully discharged, it may not turn on even when you try to charge it. If this happens, please read this article.



puce-2.png Charge with a wall charger rather than a computer.

Charging by plugging the camera into the USB port of a computer is not very efficient, as some of the power is used to let the computer access the camera’s content. Besides, your computer may go to sleep and prevent the camera from charging. Charging with a wall charger (or an external battery pack) is usually much faster and more reliable.


Time required for a full charge with a computer = about 3 hours.

Time required for a full charge with a wall charger = about 2 hours.


puce-3.png Make sure your DxO ONE firmware is up-to-date.

With every camera firmware update, we optimize how your DxO ONE uses its battery. Learn how to update your camera firmware.


puce-4.png Go beyond 100%!

While charging, your camera may display “100%” even before it is fully charged. We’re planning on improving this with an upcoming camera firmware update, but in the meantime, use a wall charger and just wait until your camera automatically turns off before you unplug it to be sure that your battery is fully charged.



puce-5.png Use AF-OD mode.

The AF-S and AF-C focus modes constantly adjust focus, using battery power. You can save up to 20% of your battery life by using AF-OD, which stands for “AutoFocus On Demand,” meaning that your DxO ONE focuses only when you ask it to (by doing a half-press on the shutter button, or by tapping the focus area on your iPhone screen).

Please note that AF-OD was introduced with the 2.0 camera firmware update and may not be available if your camera is not up-to-date.


puce-6.png Turn off the camera as often as you can, or use the idle button.

When turned on, your camera consumes energy to stay ready to shoot. If you’re not planning on shooting in the next few seconds, slide the lens cover up to preserve battery power.

If you are in a situation that requires you to be ready to shoot again in a fraction of a second, you may prefer to use the “idle” button.

This sends the camera into power-saving mode, and lets you awake it instantly with a tap on your iPhone screen or a half-press on the shutter button.


puce-7.png Use SuperRAW only when relevant.

SuperRAW files are very useful when working with high sensitivities (ISO 1600 or higher), but are not really needed in good lighting conditions (especially at ISO 100 or 200).

If you’re shooting at a low sensitivity, we advise you to shoot regular RAW files instead. This will put less strain on your battery while giving you nearly identical images, improving the camera’s responsiveness, and using less space on your SD card.



puce-8.png Reduce camera timeout.

Your DxO ONE automatically goes into power saving mode after being inactive for a customizable period of time. In Capture Settings > Preferences > Camera timeout, check that the value is set to “30 seconds” (recommended).



puce-9.png Shelter your camera from extreme temperatures.

Just like every other battery, your DxO ONE’s battery discharges faster when it’s very cold or very hot. When you are not using the camera, make sure you store it in a dry and temperate place (ideally 15-20°C/59-68°F).



puce-10.png Use an external battery pack.

If you’re planning on shooting for an extended period of time, you may want to recharge your battery on the go. Your DxO ONE can be charged by most external battery packs featuring a USB port, and you can even charge while shooting!

Learn more about battery packs.




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