What is DxO PhotoLab? Will there be a DxO OpticsPro 12?

Why DxO PhotoLab?: The very first version of DxO OpticsPro has been shipped in 2004 with its latest version DxO OpticsPro 11 in 2016. The name “DxO OpticsPro” made sense up to now as it used to highlight one of our major feature which is related to automatic optical defect corrections, based on calibration done in our labs.
Today with the integration of local adjustments including the famous U-Point technology, it was time for us to change the name into DxO PhotoLab.
This new name reflects more accurately what our software is meant for and will help new customers to join the DxO family to which you already all belong to.

No, there will be no DxO OpticsPro 12 because the name of the software is now DxO PhotoLab.


What are the main differences between DxO OpticsPro and DxO PhotoLab except for local adjustments?

Deletions :

  • The Tool Multi-Points Color Balance in the Mac version
  • The support of RAW file for Fuji S3, S5, and S100FS (Super CCD) is no longer ensured in DxO PhotoLab (Super CCD RAW is no longer supported, to avoid the maintenance of 2 different RAW engines, so that we can be more flexible and faster for our future development.); however JPEG is still supported

 Changes :

  • The DxO Lens softness correction tool was renamed by DxO Lens sharpness


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