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One of the biggest improvements to Color Efex Pro 4 is the ability to add multiple filters to an image. Many times, an image can benefit from a series of filters being applied to it, and doing this within a single filter session not only provides a more efficient workflow, but also provides more control and experimentation possibilities.


In this image, three separate filters were applied to draw attention to the dewdrops on the flower and stylize the image.

To accentuate the dewdrops on the flower, the Detail Extractor filter was used.

To ensure that the eye goes straight to the flower, some control points were used to apply the Detail Extractor filter's effect only to the flower. Since only the flower should be affected, (+) Control Points were used to add the effect only to the flower.

To make it possible to add another filter, you need to click on the Add Filter button. This adds a new blank filter that you can add to from the Filter List on the left-hand side.

Select the next filter from the Filter List and either use one of the available presets or adjust the sliders to create the exact look you want.

TIP: To add another filter to an image without first clicking on the Add Filter button, hold the Shift key while selecting a filter from the Filters section.

In this image, the Low Key filter is added next which will be used to darken the background and further draw the eye to the flower.

To prevent the Low Key filter from darkening the flower, some control points are used to remove the effect from the flower. In this case, - Control Points are used to remove the Low Key effect just from the flower.

To finish off the image, a third filter is added. The Image Borders filter, first popularized in Silver Efex Pro 2, is now available in Color Efex Pro 4 for use on all images.

If you want to save the stack of filters to be used on a later photo, click on the Save Recipe button to create a new custom Recipe. All of the filters and slider values will be saved. Due to their image-specific nature, control points are not saved within a recipe.

Click OK to apply the filters to your image.


Image by Janice Wendt

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