Are the features on the Android application the same as the iOS version?

Like the DxO ONE itself, the Early Access program just gets better with time. Over the next few months, we’ll release free application and firmware updates designed to give you access to new features and further enrich your experience. We expect the Android version to provide the same features as the iOS version before the end of 2018.


The DxO ONE’s main features are available now, including:

  • Photo and video capabilities using all modes (auto, scene, semi-auto, manual, etc.), and the following related settings:
    • Exposure time
    • Aperture
    • Sensitivity
    • Exposure compensation
    • Light measurement
    • Focus mode (AF only)
    • White balance
    • Digital zoom
    • Copyright information
  • Play, share, (manually) transfer, and delete photos and videos taken when the DxO ONE is connected to the smartphone


Upcoming features include:

  • For taking photos:
    • Wi-Fi connection
    • Manual focusing
    • Time-lapse photos
    • Facebook Live
    • Flash options
    • Alerts (flickering, blur, SD card, etc.)
  • In the photo gallery:
    • Ability to view transferred photos within the DxO ONE application when the DxO ONE is not connected to the smartphone (these photos are currently searchable in the smartphone’s photo gallery)
    • Multi-selection option to transfer/delete/share several photos or videos at a time
    • Ability to view metadata (EXIF information)
    • Option to add a watermark when sharing photos


When do you expect to release these updates?

We have not set any precise release dates, but we are working hard to deliver these additional features as quickly and frequently as possible.

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