Compatibility and File Types

Is HDR Efex Pro 2 compatible with 32-bit operating systems?

HDR Efex Pro 2 is compatible with 32-bit operating systems and host applications, however, running in 64-bit is recommended due to the high memory requirements of HDR processing.

Why is HDR Efex Pro 2 not compatible with Photoshop Elements or Capture NX 2?

HDR Efex Pro 2 is not compatible with Photoshop Elements or Capture NX 2. Neither application is able to support 32-bit images, which is a requirement for HDR imaging.

Are all image enhancements applied within HDR Efex Pro 2 performed with 32-bit per channel color information?

Yes, HDR Efex Pro 2 provides a full 32-bit per channel processing pipeline, ensuring that all enhancements are applied with access to the full range of details in the HDR image.

Can I save a 32-bit image, such as a .HDR or .EXR file, out of HDR Efex Pro 2?

HDR Efex Pro 2 can only save TIFF and JPEG images. When working in the Photoshop workflow, however, using the Smart Object functionality will result in a 32-bit image which can then be saved as either a 32-bit TIFF or a 32-bit PSD.

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