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Silver Efex Pro 2 benefits from years of research and development along with feedback from top professional photographers from around the world. This research and feedback has helped Silver Efex Pro 2 evolve best-in-class black and white conversion algorithms, making it possible to create amazing black and white images in seconds.

In this image, the black and white conversion algorithms can be quickly utilized to turn a decent looking color image into a stunning black and white image.

Immediately after opening the image in Silver Efex Pro 2, the unique black and white conversion algorithms automatically convert the color image into a great looking black and white image.


As the starting brightness in this image does not need to be adjusted, the Brightness slider is skipped and the Contrast slider is adjusted. By moving the Contrast slider approximately to around the half-way point, depth is added to the image.


Additional detail can be brought out in the image by using the proprietary Structure slider. This slider works by identifying the objects and the edges of objects throughout the image and increasing contrast within the objects without affecting the edges of each object. The result is the increase of apparent detail throughout the image without unwanted artifacts.


To finish off the image, a sepia tone is quickly added by selecting option 19 from the Toning pull-down menu in the Finishing Adjustments section.



Image by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

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