What are Control Points?

Control points utilize U Point technology, a technology created to quickly create precise selections without the use complex masks or tools. Each plug-in in the Nik Collection includes control points that are adapted to the plug-in's goal. For example, in Dfine 2, control points enable you to selectively apply noise reduction while in Viveza 2, control points provide selective color and light control.

Each control point creates its selection based off of the color characteristics of the object that the control point is placed on. These characteristics include the red, green, blue, hue, saturation, brightness, and location of the object selected. U Point technology then creates a selection automatically based off of the similarity of other objects and areas in the image to the selected object. You can then control how large of a selection to create using each control point's built-in Size slider. By adding multiple control points to the same image, you can create more and more precise selections and affect multiple parts of the image simultaneously.

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