How to use Brush feature in Photoshop

How is the Brush feature used in Silver Efex Pro 2?

Part of the Nik Selective Tool, the Brush feature of Silver Efex Pro 2 (and all of the Nik Software filters) enables Photoshop users to apply their black and white enhancements into their image using Photoshop's built-in Brush tool. To use this feature, please follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Photoshop, make sure the Nik Selective Tool is visible and open an image.
  2. Choose Silver Efex Pro 2 from the Filters menu and convert your color image to a black and white image.
  3. When finished, click on the Brush button. A new Layer called "Silver Efex Pro 2" will have been created and you will now be able to paint on your black and white conversion and enhancements using Photoshop's Brush tool. Additionally, if you have a Wacom pressure-sensitive pen tablet, you may also use that for even finer control of the application.
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