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Many images can be improved by using global adjustments only. Viveza 2 offers a number of powerful and unique enhancements that can not only be applied selectively using control points, but globally as well. This lesson shows how the global adjustments within Viveza 2 can help improve any image.


First, the Contrast slider is increased to add contrast throughout the entire image. The Contrast slider within Viveza 2 ensures that light objects become lighter while dark objects become darker, all without affecting the color or saturation of objects throughout the image.

Next, the Saturation slider is increased to naturally enhance the vibrancy of colors through the image.

The Structure slider is then used to accentuate fine details and add texture. The Structure slider is a unique control available only in Nik products that provides control over details without introducing unwanted artifacts.

Now, a control point is added to provide selective control over the sky. First a control point is added to the blue part of the sky, then the Brightness slider is reduced and the Contrast slider is increased.


Image by Kevin Young

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