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Objects with many different tones can be difficult to select using a single control point. Viveza 2 offers a new feature that enables control points to be grouped together to apply the same enhancement to objects using more than one control point to create the selection. This lesson shows how to add control points into a group to enhance more complex objects.


First, a control point was added to the trees toward the left and the Brightness, Contrast and Warmth sliders were adjusted.

Next, the control point was duplicated and placed on other areas of trees.

Finally, all control points were selected and added to a group by clicking on the Group button.

Once in a group, the effect can be further refined by selecting only a single control point with the same effect applied to all control points. Additionally, the effect across all control points can be previewed on and off by checking and unchecking a single item in the Control Point List.


Image by Laurie Rubin

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