Crashes on Mac OS

How to resolve crashing on a Mac

The plug-ins in the Nik Collection utilize Arial fonts and in some situations, a duplicate Arial font may have been created which may cause unexpected errors. If you are experiencing otherwise inexplicable crashes with the plug-ins, removing all duplicate copies of the Arial fonts often resolves the crashes. To remove duplicate fonts, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Applications folder and open your Font Book.
  2. Scroll to the Arial fonts, then select the drop-down triangle to the left to view its contents.
  3. There should be only one instance of each format under Arial. For example, Arial should have Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic listed only once each.
  4. For any duplicates under Arial, right-click (or CTRL-click) on the duplicate and select “remove.”
  5. If any of the duplicates are grayed-out and say “off” next to them, right-click (or CTRL-click) on the duplicate and select “enable font,” then right-click a second time to select “remove.”
  6. Please repeat this process for all 'Arial' font duplicates, such as Arial Black, Arial Hebrew, etc.
  7. Once all duplicate Arial fonts have been removed, please quit Font Book and restart your system.

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