What is new in Analog Efex Pro 2?

  • Six new Cameras with engaging filter combinations: Black and White, Color Cast, Motion, Subtle Bokeh, Double Exposure, and Multilens
  • Three powerful new filters have been added to the Camera Kit: Motion Blur, Double Exposure, and Multilens
  • Control points are now available in the Basic Adjustments, Dirt & Scratches, Light Leaks and Photo Plate filters, providing selective control to your editing.
  • The Bokeh filter now includes a Tilt Shift mode for more focusing options.
  • The Frame filter has a new Scale slider that adjusts the width of the applied frame.
  • The Photo Plate filter now has the ability to invert the tonality of each texture, providing a greater range of textural options.
  • The Lens Distortion filter now includes Defocus, a slider to further distort your images.
  • A new Instant Help feature provides additional guidance when navigating throughout the interface.
  • Finally, you will notice an updated appearance to the interface overall, including updated Camera icons and a new workflow in the Camera Kit.
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