Anonymous Usage Statistics

If desired, the Nik Collection allows you to share usage statistics with DxO in order to help us improve our photo editing software. These statistics may include your operating system and host application(s), image properties such as dimensions and bit depth, screen resolution(s), filter(s) applied to an image with the filter settings, and the number of Control Points placed on the image. This information will help our team set up realistic testing conditions for both images and system configurations in order to:

  1. Understand the popularity of our tools and the supported host applications.
  2. Identify and prioritize new features for future versions.
  3. Improve existing features.


Please note that the statistics are completely anonymous and do not include file names, file paths, or specific metadata such as copyright text, nor do they include data that is considered personally identifiable like your name, email address(es), or DxO account information.

Also, note that the usage statistics feature is disabled in your Nik Collection by default. To aid our product development and share your anonymous Nik Collection usage statistics with DxO, please do the following:

  1. Open any one of the 7 Nik plug-ins.
  2. Click Settings in the lower left corner of the plug-in interface.
  3. Select the Improve the Nik Collection tab.
  4. Check the box labeled Help to improve this product by sending anonymous usage statistics to DxO.

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