Lighten a subject to bring focus and attention

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One characteristic of many great images is a subject that is the focal point of the image. This can be done through composition and exposure, but also through image enhancements. One great way to ensure your subject is the focal point of the image is to make sure that it is the brightest and most contrasty part of the image. This lesson shows how Viveza 2 can be used to draw the viewer's eye using control points to selectively lighten the subject.


In this image, the bride's face is a bit too dark. By adding a control point first to the face and then increasing the Shadow Adjustments and Contrast sliders, the shadows covering the bride's face can be reduced and the bride becomes the first object that the viewer's eye goes to.

To further enhance the effect, additional control points can be added to the background to darken the background, adding even more separation between the bride and the background.

Additional control points can be added to further enhance the image, such as adding contrast and structure to the brides hair simulating a hair light.


Image by Chris Moon

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