Aperture RAW edits do not appear on image in plug-in

I made RAW edits using Aperture on a version and went into one of the plug-ins, and now I can't see the RAW edits?

The plug-ins in Aperture cannot show the preview of RAW adjustments made to a non-master version. The Image Preview in the plug-ins will reflect any changes made other than the RAW adjustments, and when you finish enhancing the image in the plug-in, the enhancement will be applied and the RAW adjustments will be re-applied, allowing you to fine tune those RAW adjustments if you choose.

If you need the edits to appear in the interface as you are working, duplicate the image in Aperture after your RAW adjustments in order to create a new master version of the image. Doing this, however, will eliminate the ability to make changes to those RAW adjustments after working in the plug-in.

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