Are additional RAW formats (such as sRAW, mRAW, RAW-S, HE and HE* etc.) always supported if a camera's standard RAW images are compatible?

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DxO FilmPack does not support compressed RAW formats such as mRAW or sRAW because these are not true RAW formats, despite the name: in these cases, the processing is applied to the images by the camera, which limits DxO FilmPack's range of processing options.

It's possible for a camera to be supported (RAW included) without its various compression modes:

  • Canon: mRAW and sRAW are not supported, while cRAW is supported.
  • Nikon: RAW-S.
  • Sony: mRAW and sRAW are not supported

We partially support some formats:

  • Canon: "Dual Pixel Raw" - we can process these images but the specific benefits of the format are not utilized: the result is as though the images were shot without that option.

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