Why does the DxO optics module for my GoPro produce abnormal distortion corrections on my vertical photos?

DxO optics modules are designed to directly process GoPro output images, which are horizontal. Contrary to most cameras on the market, GoPro images do not contain any information about image orientation.

  • If the image was modified before being processed by DxO OpticsPro (notably by use of the rotation tools available in the Windows viewer, which changes your photo’s EXIF data once you rotate it), the optics module will be unable to take this modification into account and will apply the corrections as though the image were still horizontal — thus producing abnormal corrections.
  • If you used an external application to rotate your image by 90°, use the same application to rotate it by the same amount in the opposite direction, after which it can be correctly processed in DxO OpticsPro.

As a general rule, we advise you not to apply any modifications to your images before processing them in DxO OpticsPro.

Note: To view your images with the desired orientation, you can use a non-destructive viewer such as Picasa to rotate the image. Picasa (or any similar application) does not change the information in the original image file, thus it remains compatible with the DxO optics module.

You can, of course, change the orientation of your image in DxO OpticsPro.

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