Why don’t you publish in advance the list of cameras being studied for module development ?

We try to provide information about the cameras and lenses that we are studying in our laboratories via this section on our website.

Despite this, it is very difficult for us to be able to communicate all of our plans systematically and with certitude for a certain number of reasons:

-       We usually wait until a camera is commercially available before we begin  calibration. Even if we have access to a pre-production model, we normally avoid this option because such a model can be subject to changes and fundamental errors.

-       We cannot know the level of complexity in advance, and thus how much time it will take to write the code required to support such-and-such a piece of equipment.

-       We are also subject to the usual kinds of logistical problems tied to buying or borrowing equipment: defective samples, delayed deliveries, cancellation of equipment loans, etc.

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