How is it possible for the DxO ONE to capture DSLR-quality images?

Within the camera industry, DxO is known and respected for our deep knowledge of image-processing science and for spending over a decade partnering with camera companies, other scientists, and academics. Over 300 million cameras worldwide contain our embedded imaging software, and we created DxOMark, the global standard for objectively grading image quality. We used this extensive knowledge and experience to carefully design the DxO ONE.

The DxO ONE camera can record two types of RAW files: default RAW files in DNG format, and DxO's proprietary SuperRAW™ format, which automatically merges four RAW files into one. SuperRAW™ and DxO's advanced image processing, which includes the very latest in spatial and temporal noise reduction, allows the ONE to achieve a DxOMark sensor score of up to 85*, demonstrating that the quality of images produced by DxO ONE far exceeds that of most high-end digital cameras, even DSLRs that cost and weigh considerably more. Read the full DxOMark ONE review here.

*DxOMark overall score of 70 in RAW and up to 85 in SuperRAW.

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