Why does the DxO ONE get warm?

The DxO ONE is a small but powerful camera with a lot of technology fitted into a very compact space. The DxO ONE does not get inherently warmer than other devices, but because of its ultra-compact size, it’s harder for heat generated by heavy usage to dissipate.

Video mode generates more heat than photo mode, and slow-motion video causes the camera to work even harder, generating the most heat among all the capture modes.

Using the camera in warmer environments and charging the camera while capturing photos or videos may also cause the DxO ONE to get warmer more quickly.

Alerts and warnings

The OLED display on the DxO ONE will display three consecutive warnings when the internal temperature gets too warm, giving you enough time to safely shut off the camera. The camera will automatically power down after the third (blinking) warning.

How to cool it down

When any of the three messages appear, we recommend powering the camera off by closing the lens cover. If time and circumstances permit, try placing it on a heat-conductive surface like metal or glass.

Keeping your DxO ONE cool

The DxO ONE has a Power Save mode, which automatically puts the camera to sleep after 50 seconds of inactivity. Pressing the power button on your iPhone will simultaneously put your iPhone and DxO ONE to sleep as well. You should also turn the camera off by sliding the lens cover closed when you’re not actively capturing photos or videos.


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