How do the DxOMark scores for the iPhone and the DxO ONE compare? Why is the iPhone’s score higher?

The iPhone 6 and DxO ONE camera sensor scores cannot be compared because they use different scales from two very different test protocols. The DxOMark Mobile Score (used for the iPhone) tests the auto mode and jpeg / video files (as this is the typical use case for smartphone photography), whereas the DxOMark sensor score (used for the DxO ONE) tests the sensor quality from RAW files taken in manual mode, which is the typical use case for serious photographers using a RAW converter.

As the DxOMark sensor score measures a quantity of information from RAW files, it cannot be used to test iPhone sensor quality, since iPhones do not shoot RAW images.

In short, comparing DxOMark sensor and DxOMark Mobile scores is really like comparing apples to oranges, as their respective use cases, protocols, and metrics are completely different.


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