I want to cancel my DxO ONE order because I’m just going to get the new iPhone 7.

Sure, we can help you with that, but let me share the differences you’ll see between the iPhone 7 and the DxO ONE. The DxO ONE camera is designed to complement, not replace your iPhone so while you may be able to do everything you need with a cameraphone, we think you’ll really enjoy the key features that make the DxO ONE stand out :                                           

  • Extremely compact size: under 2.7” tall and weighing under 4 oz.
  • Ultra-high quality f/1.8, 32mm equivalent aspherical lens with a variable 6-blade iris.
  • 1-inch 20.2MP sensor capable of capturing high- resolution images even in very low light.
  • Naturally attaches to the Lightning™ connector, turning the generous iPhone® or iPad® display into the camera’s viewfinder.
  • The camera swivels ±60°, enabling creative perspectives.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery and built-in microSD™ memory card to preserve the iPhone talk time and storage space.        
  • Various capture modes, including multiple Scene modes - Portrait, Landscape, Sport, Night, Program, Speed or Aperture Priority, and full Manual mode.
  • Records outstanding videos at 1080p/30fps or 720p/120fps.
  • Unique SuperRAW format for the ultimate in noise-free image quality.
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