DxO OpticsPro for Apple Photos Workflow

Recommended workflow:

To take advantage of the automatic corrections, and achieve the most desirable results, always start with an unmodified RAW image.


To make sure you're working with RAW:

When navigating your images, some may have 'J' or 'R' labels indicating they are image stacks and contain both RAW and Jpeg copies of the image. The letter indicates which version will open by default.

Open the image of your choice, and proceed to the Edit screen by either hitting the 'Enter' Key on your keyboard, or selecting 'Edit' at the top right of the screen.

Once in Edit Mode, make sure of two things:

  • You are working with the RAW image 
  • You are working with the original, unedited image 

To do this, right-click on the image and select (if available)

  • Use RAW as Original
  • Revert to Original

Once done, select the DxO OpticsPro for Photos extension from the Extensions menu.


For more information on why this is the recommended workflow, see HERE.

Don't see the extension listed inside Apple Photos after purchase? See HERE.

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