How do I use the OLED Framing Assistant?

The framing assistant is a monochrome live preview which helps you to quickly and easily compose your standalone shot in a fun, retro way. Please note that this feature is available only when the DxO ONE is not connected to your iPhone or iPad. How it works depends on your firmware version.

If your firmware version is 2.2 or higher:

  • The framing assistant displays automatically after a short delay. You may switch between shooting mode selection and framing assistant by tapping your DxO ONE’s OLED screen.

If your firmware version is between 1.3 and 2.1:

  • Swipe upwards to enable the framing assistant, swipe downwards to go back to shooting mode selection.

If your firmware version is 1.2 or lower:

  • The framing assistant is not available

With your camera connected, you can check your firmware version in Gallery > Menu > About. We recommend that you always keep your firmware up-to-date.


Technical note:

The initial intended functionality of the DxO ONE's OLED screen was simply to display the most relevant information about the camera settings, so we did not implement a high-resolution display. The framing assistant lets you frame high-quality photos that you take in standalone mode, but you will see only low-resolution images of your shots on the OLED screen.



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