How can I restore my Wi-Fi connection when I turn on my camera?

If you turned off your camera while a Wi-Fi connection was established, the Wi-Fi connection will be reinitiated automatically. If it is not :

  • Turn on your camera and check that the Wi-Fi animation on the OLED screen shows the camera is ready to reestablish the Wi-Fi connection to the application.
    • If you do not see a Wi-Fi icon on your camera’s screen at this step, you’ll have to replug your camera to your iPhone and reinitiate the Wi-Fi connection.
  • On your iPhone, relaunch your DxO ONE application: you should see the gallery view. Look at the camera button in the bottom left corner; the Wi-Fi icon is displayed just above it. Simply tap on the camera button while the camera is searching for a Wi-Fi connection, and the connection should resume after a few seconds.
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