My camera-lens combination is listed on the website, but DxO PhotoLab 2 won't install the module.

Your version of DxO PhotoLab 2 is most likely outdated.

Within DxO PhotoLab 2 select Check For Updates  - found under the Help menu on Windows and the DxO PhotoLab 2 menu on Mac - and install the latest update if there is one available.

If your copy of DxO PhotoLab 2 is up-to-date, then most likely you own an older release which does not support your camera or your lens. We suggest that you download a trial version of DxO PhotoLab 2 to check whether your body-lens pair is supported.

You can purchase an upgrade to the latest major version from your customer account at a discounted price. Please note that upgrade pricing is only available if you own a paid license of DxO OpticsPro or DxO PhotoLab.

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