Can you explain the one step checkout page?

To purchase our software, you would: 

1) Go to our homepage and choose the software you want to purchase. 

2) You will then be taken to the Payment screen. 

3) On the left hand side you will see email at the top, please enter your email at this time.    

- If you are already a customer and your e-mail address is found in our system, the screen will change and you will be prompted to log in. Once logged in, we will display your address as confirmation    

- If you have never made a purchase from us, please choose a password, repeat it and enter your postal address. If you are a EU company, add your VAT number   

4) If you have a promo code, you will want to enter it on the right side of the screen. 

5) Verify your cart and pricing look correct, we will be unable to change your purchase once it is made. 

6) Read and accept the general sales conditions. 

7) Click proceed to payment. 

8) Choose your method of payment. 

9) Fill in your payment information and click “Yes, I confirm payment.” Then fill in your payment information and click on “Buy.” This will confirm the purchase and complete the paid order. 

10) If successful, you will then see your download links and activation codes on this screen, and you will also get a confirmation email. 


(Please note: If you have previously added software to your cart while logged in and did not remove it, it will still be there when you login this time so make sure not to buy extra!)



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