I am not sure if I should purchase DxO PhotoLab ESSENTIAL Edition or DxO PureRAW, which would you recommend?

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If you don't have any photo editing software and are just starting with photography, DxO PhotoLab ESSENTIAL is a comprehensive solution on budget. It offers tools for color and exposure correction, local corrections, keywords, and much more. However, contrary to DxO PureRAW it only offers HQ denoising, but not PRIME or Deep PRIME noise reduction. If you choose to start with DxO PhotoLab ESSENTIAL Edition, you can always upgrade to DxO PhotoLab ELITE Edition in the future to take advantage of PRIME and Deep PRIME noise corrections. However, if you already have software for image editing, but you are looking for a very powerful tool for denoising and very precise optical corrections and you want to keep your current workflow, DxO PureRAW will be the perfect choice for you.

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