Why only offer 2 completely renovated pieces of software in this version 4? When do you plan to update the others?

Not only was there a renovation/update in Nik Collection 4 by DxO of these two pieces of software, Nik Viveza, and Nik Silver Efex Pro, we did a complete technical rework of the source code with modern languages and our team completely rewrote these two pieces of software from the ground up to what it is today. 


Changes that you can see: user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) improvements. 


Changes that you cannot see: Modern, more efficient coding languages, starting "merging Nik Collection Engine with DxO Engine", eradication of legacy bugs, compatibilities with HDPI screens. 


All this is a tremendous rework and is what the team could achieve in the allocated time, and due to this, we do not have any information regarding any other modules at this time.

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