Why should I use unedited images? Why RAW?

This information applies to version(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Why do you recommend RAW images?

When using RAW images we are able to extract a lot more information from the file resulting in much more detailed, accurate, and desirable corrections. In addition, our famous PRIME denoising only works on RAW images.

Why do I need to use unedited images?

To apply automatic corrections for your specific camera body/lens pair, we need to be able to identify the equipment and shooting conditions with 100% certainty. 

To be able to correctly identify the camera body/lens pair, our software needs access to original, unedited EXIF information (this info tends to get edited/lost when images are processed). To apply the corrections and achieve desirable results, the image needs to be unaltered prior to being processed through DxO PhotoLab.

What will happen if I try a processed image?

The camera body/lens pair with which you shot the image may not be correctly identified by DxO PhotoLab (if at all) resulting in no automatic optical corrections.

Can I use JPEG? TIFF?

You can use jpeg and tiff images, though you will get much higher quality corrections if you start with RAW!

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