Why did the new Nik Collection by DxO installation write over my existing version of Nik Collection?

Older versions of Nik Collection are overwritten by default because it is an updated version, and there is no need to have duplicates.

If you choose not to use the new version, and you owned a version of Nik Collection by DxO purchased since the release in 2018, you can always uninstall the new version, then download and install the older version again from your customer account (provided that your previous Nik Collection by DxO version is compatible with your current OS).

If you are a customer from before Nik Collection by DxO was released, please note that these versions are no longer available, so you are responsible for understand that you are choosing to remove this software from your computer by downloading the new version.  If you do choose to try the trial, and no longer have access to your old version, we do offer a free version you can download.  Here is the link to the free version of Nik Collection:


PLEASE NOTE: This version is not certified to run on any new OSes, with any newer third-party host versions, and we are unable to offer support for it, unfortunately. Also, view this FAQ concerning custom presets and recipes.

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