The processed DNG appears to be oversharpened. What can I do?

This information applies to version(s): 1, 2

In the Processing popup, the RAW PROCESSING section, and the DxO Optical Correction sub-section, you can click on the chevron to expand the options.

You can choose between two sharpening levels for DeepPRIME:

  • Toggle ON = Global lens sharpening
  • Toggle OFF = Only fine details will be enhanced.

No other levels of sharpness are available. (You can also activate or deactivate the distortion correction when using HQ, PRIME, and DeepPRIME.).

If you do not want to apply any optical correction, you can choose NOT to use the optical module by opening the module manager from the "DxO Modules" button next to the process button and choosing the option "None of the above (corrections won't be applied)" in "Select the equipment used to take the image XXX ".

DxO PureRAW has been designed as a 1-Click solution. If you are looking for more control, we recommend considering DxO PhotoLab instead, which uses the same correction engine as DxO PureRAW but also offers a comprehensive set of controls for sharpening and other settings for RAW conversion and image processing.

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