Does DxO PureRAW support compressed RAW formats (cRaw, mRaw, and sRAW)?

This information applies to version(s): 1 ,2

No, DxO PureRAW does not support compressed RAW formats such as cRAW, mRAW, or sRAW because it is not a true RAW format, contrary to what its name implies.

The biggest difference between the cRAW, mRAW, or sRAW file format and the regular RAW (full RAW) files your camera normally generates is that the cRAW, mRAW, or sRAW format has processing applied to it by your camera, while full RAW files do not.

cRAW, mRAW or sRAW limit the ability of programs such as DxO PureRAW to provide you with a complete suite of processing options, therefore, please only use the full RAW format generated by your camera whenever you want to use your image files in DxO PureRAW.

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