Why should I buy Nik Collection 5 instead of Nik Google? What is the value compared to Nik Google?

This information applies to version(s): 5

Nik Collection by Google version has not been maintained since 2016, so users may experience issues (such as installation errors, freezes, crashes, plugins failing to launch, ...) related to incompatibilities with current hosts or operating systems.

On the other hand, Nik Collection has been continuously reworked and improved by DxO since 2018 with brand new features, new filters, new plugins, new interfaces, and compatibility updates for the latest versions of operating systems and host software.

In addition, Nik Collection 5 provides access to a support team you can contact if you need assistance with your software.

To see the Nik Collection new feature overview for each version directly from this article, please click on this link.

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