How do I activate Nik Collection?

This information applies to all versions

We recommend activating the Nik Collection in standalone mode, rather than as a plug-in. Please double-click any Nik Collection plugin icon to launch them this way.

Enter your activation code in the white bar and then click the button "Activate" once entered.


You will need to be connected to the internet when activating the software.

Please note that starting with version 7, Nik Collection is operable in offline mode for a maximum of 37 days. A notification will be displayed after 30 days of offline usage, prompting the reconnection to DxO servers. For optimal use of DxO’s most recent features and tools, it’s advisable to initiate the software while connected to the internet and to update it before any travel or disconnection. This approach guarantees access to all essential DxO functionalities, even when lacking an internet connection, for the allowed maximum duration.

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