I purchased Nik Collection many years ago: how can I log in to my customer account?

This information applies to version(s): before 2018 licenses purchased from other companies

When DxO acquired the Nik Collection in 2018, no information relating to existing customer accounts or purchased licenses was provided by the companies (Google or Nik Software) which had previously offered the software.

Since then, our developers have put a great deal of time and effort: Nik Collection 6 has been completely rewritten with modern code*  which had previously been neglected without maintenance for several years, and improving the collection's compatibility with current operating systems and third-party host applications.

We have added a brand new design and improved the user experience for all Nik Software*, added filters and recipes to some of the applications and added Nik Perspective as the eighth program in the collection.

With all this in mind, moving to the Nik Collection is considered a new purchase rather than just an upgrade of an existing product. The current pricing can be found in our shop.

To see the Nik Collection new feature overview for each version directly from this article, please click on this link.

To visit our Online Shop directly from this article, please click on this link.

* will be completed with Nik Collection 6.3 for Nik Sharpener and Nik HDR Efex, which will be released by the end of summer (free updates will be provided for purchasers of version 6).

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