How do I install Nik Collection for use with Affinity Photo?

This information applies to version(s): 6

For users of Nik Collection 6, the plugins will be automatically installed in the correct folder of compatible versions of Affinity Photo.


This information applies to version(s): 4, 5

Using Affinity Photo and the Nik Collection together requires a special installation procedure which is described in the user manual.

To view the user guide directly from this article, please click on this link, and select the language of the software concerned.

Please check the compatibility chart before installation, and make sure you have installed either the latest version of Nik Collection 4 or any version of Nik Collection 5, and Affinity Photo (1.10.3 or later) if you are using Apple M1 processors.

To see the compatibility tables with operating systems and third-party software directly from this article, please click on this link.

To install Nik Collection’s latest version you have licensed, the download can always be found in your customer account.

To log in to your Customer Account directly from this article, please click on this link.

  • During the “Compatible Host” step, click on + to create a custom plugins folder in your preferred directory (use the combination shift+Cmd+n if necessary), then click Open. We suggest creating an empty folder beforehand. At this step, just select this folder on your computer.
  • In the installer, you will see a Adobe Photoshop Custom1 host added to your list

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