Why does the "Nik Collection" export button no longer work under Windows 11 after updating to the latest version?

This information applies to the latest version

On some configurations running Windows 11, DxO PhotoLab's connection to Nik Collection stops working every time the computer is restarted.

This seems to be due to a registry key change performed automatically by the "Dell Support Assist" utility at startup.

To avoid this, please remove the "Dell Support Assist" utility from the startup list (for help with this, see this article.

Contacting Dell's support in order to address this issue with their utility would be a useful step toward a permanent solution.


Here is the procedure to follow if you do not consult the article mentioned above.

How to disable Startup programs in Windows 11 (3 ways)

  1. Disable Startup Programs using the Settings app
    • In Windows, launch the Settings app.
    • On the left side of Settings, choose Apps and Select the Startup navigation option.
    • To disable any startup apps that are now active, click the toggle switches next to them.
  2. Disable All Startup Programs using the MSConfig app
    • Open the Run window by pressing Win + R on the keyboard.
    • In the Run text box, type msconfig.
    • To open MSConfig, click the OK button.
    • To disable this feature, uncheck the Load startup items checkbox on the General tab.
    • To save the updated boot settings, click Apply and select the OK button.
    • On the dialogue box prompt, click Restart.
  3. Disable Startup Programs using theTask Manager app
    • In Windows, launch the Task Manager app.
    • Navigate to the Startup tab.
    • Click the Disable option after right-clicking on the enabled application.

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