Why do I need DxO ViewPoint if I already have DxO PhotoLab?

This information applies to version(s): 4

DxO ViewPoint 4 plug-in will bring to users of DxO PhotoLab 6 Essential Edition: Perspective tools (force Parallels, Rectangle, 8 points), Anamorphosis correction, Miniature effect, ReShape tool, Flip and Mirror image.

For users of DxO PhotoLab 6 Elite Edition, DxO ViewPoint 4 plug-in will bring all the same features beside Perspective tools (which are already embedded in DxO PhotoLab 6 Elite)

Users of DxO PhotoLab 5 or older: In order to use tools for correcting perspective and distortion, you'll need to run DxO ViewPoint 4 in Standalone mode  (or use the DxO ViewPoint 3 plug-in from within DxO PhotoLab).

Please note that the best user experience is offered by the ViewPoint 4 standalone application, which includes a dedicated perspective correction interface, with a special "automatic preview", loupe and guides.

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