My order was not validated.

Your purchase has not been validated because your bank or credit card refused your purchase when you placed your order.

Different reasons can the cause for this rejection:

  • During payment, you have for example entered information for a MasterCard bank card while you have selected a type of VISA card (this is an example)
  • Your bank declined the international transaction
  • Your bank declined the transaction for security reasons
  • Your credit card is not authorized to make online purchases
  • The use of non-Latin characters for your first and last name on your credit card or in your billing address on your DxO customer account

In an attempt to resolve this issue, please follow these tips:

  • Call your bank and make sure your card is authorized for online and international purchases
  • Try using a different credit card, if possible, or another available payment method (PayPal)
  • Fill in the first and last name of the cardholder with Latin characters only
  • Make the purchase again, paying particular attention to the billing information in your DxO customer account (use Latin characters only)
  • Call your bank and tell them you approve the transaction and then place your order again

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