How is lens softness applied, and how can I ensure I don’t apply more sharpening than necessary?

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Generally speaking, photo processing software uses a generic profile to apply a global correction to the entire image, taking as reference only the emphasis needed in the center. This is not always relevant given that lenses generally show a significant difference in sharpness between the center of the frame and the periphery.

Rather than applying sharpening uniformly, DxO optical modules target the corrections to apply by evaluating the different levels of sharpness across the entire field of view of the lens. This allows the exact amount of sharpening to be applied, increasing the level of correction as one moves away from the center of the frame, and providing a sharper image overall.

To offer more flexibility in this process and adapt the results to everyone’s tastes, we have made four levels of accentuation available as well as the option of deactivating the correction if necessary, thus benefiting from the optical correction without any extra sharpness.

For the subsequent steps of your workflow, we recommend disabling global sharpening to avoid overcorrections.


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