How does DxO PureRAW render colours?

This information applies to all versions

First of all,  keep in mind that the preview of a DNG file is always seen through a display application (viewer) which can influence the perception of the colors in the image.

When exporting DNGs we do not change the colorimetry. When demosaicing and denoising, the light intensity information is kept as captured by the sensor during shooting to enable the most faithful reproduction possible. In this case, the question of fidelity does not arise.

As mentioned above, previewing a DNG file requires it to be processed by a viewing application, and it’s this process that determines which colors are perceptible in the displayed image.

When exporting JPEG or TIFFs, the rendering applied is intended to reproduce as closely as possible that which would be obtained directly at the box output in its same formats.

To this end, our internal laboratories calibrate the response of each sensor to enable the most faithful and uniform color rendering possible, while maintaining an appropriate level of saturation and contrast.

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