What workflow does DxO recommend in order to avoid the redundant reprocessing of images?

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DxO PureRAW is going to correct digital noise and Lens corrections during the processing.

We don't recommend (re) applying them in your host software otherwise the same kind of corrections are going to be applied once from DxO PureRAW and once again from the host, resulting in redundancies.

For example, let's say you have a fish-eye image, and you optimize it with DxO PureRAW. So the fisheye effect is going to be corrected by DxO PureRAW, and the optimized image is going to appear straight (not distorted). If in the host software, you apply distortion correction to the optimized image, the straight image is going to show a fisheye effect but the time, the other way around.

The same applies to all lens corrections. For denoising and sharpening, if the corrections are reapplied in the host software, the result may be over-sharpened or over-denoised (smooth).

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