Pricing information for EU professional users with VAT ID

Our online store is open to consumers as well as to our business customers.

One consequence of this for EU customers is that when entering a VAT number for companies, we ask for the same price, but at a VAT rate of 0%. Our prices put corporate customers at a disadvantage, but that’s a conscious choice. DxO freely sets its prices as follows:

  • Depending on the country.
  • Depending on the type of use: individual (private use of processed photos) or professional (commercial use of processed photos).

Since 2021 DxO Labs has decided to set a higher price (excluding VAT) for commercial use than for private use.

This practice is common in the sale of licenses (for example, other software companies charge prices that depend on the country and whether the product is for professional/private use) and services.

DxO's Invoices comply with EU-VAT regulations.

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