My camera-lens combination is listed on the website, but DxO PhotoLab won't install the module.

This information applies to version(s): All versions

First compare which version of DxO PhotoLab you have installed, and from which version the camera-lens module is available.

Are you using the same major release?

Within DxO PhotoLab select Check For Updates  - found under the Help menu on Windows and the DxO PhotoLab menu on Mac - and install the latest update if there is one available.

Are you using an older version than the version from which the camera is supported?

The older release does not support your camera. We suggest that you download a trial version of DxO PhotoLab to check whether your body-lens pair is supported by the current version.

You can purchase an upgrade to the latest major version from your customer account. Please note that reduced upgrade prices are only available if you own a paid license of DxO PhotoLab, which is not older than the last 2 major versions of the current version of DxO PhotoLab.

To log in to your Customer Account directly from this article, please click on this link.

Please note: The list of supported cameras indicates the first version that supports the DxO optics module (not the required version). If a date is shown instead, it means that the module is scheduled for release during that month.

To view our supported cameras & lenses page directly from this article, please click on this link.

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