Can I also use DxO PurewRAW with my JPEGs and TIFFs?

This information applies to all versions

DxO PureRAW's philosophy is to pre-process the RAW file to achieve maximum image quality.

The RAW format allows us to intervene early enough in the image processing chain, as close as possible to the signal received from the sensor, with the simplest and most efficient model possible, supported by calibrations in our laboratory and by our scientists. Thanks to this combination of controlled parameters, we can go so far in the results of our processing.

In the case of an RGB image (JPEG, TIFF, linear DNG), denoising would only take place late in the image processing, after a whole range of corrections and parameters have already been made (such as demosaicing or denoising the device, but also JPEG compression). do not make it possible to recover so much information.

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