Black lines appear on prints

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It only happens on landscape images that get rotated to portrait orientation.

When selecting any of the premium papers (e.g. not plain paper or envelopes), a check automatically appears on a box labeled “Fix Photo” and “Photo Enhance” under the “Print Options” section. For both of these boxes, the description says, “Enhances photos by optimizing color levels. Useful for low-resolution images.” If that box is checked, regardless of the selected paper, extra black lines get printed on all landscape-oriented images. Conversely, if that box is unchecked, regardless of the selected paper, the image prints correctly. So, apparently, there is a bug in the Epson printer drivers (XPS section) when a landscape image gets rotated to portrait orientation for printing and the “Fix Photo” or “Photo Enhance” box is checked.

Here is a screenshot showing the Epson Artisan 837 printer properties screen. “Fix Photo” box is checked by default. Unchecking this box fixes the problem.



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