Why does DxO PhotoLab automatically create a virtual copy of some of my images? (Windows only)

This information applies to all versions

DxO PhotoLab creates a virtual copy when it detects a difference between the data currently available in its database and the data embedded in the image’s sidecar file.

This ensures that no data or work is lost, and lets the user choose between the various versions.

This behavior most commonly occurs in these scenarios:

  • When restoring from a backup, a sidecar file is copied to a folder containing images already known by DxO PhotoLab.
  • When an image is edited and opened in different versions of DxO PhotoLab — for example, editing an image in version 5, then in version 4 (or anterior), and finally going back to version 5 for another round of editing.
  • When automatic loading of sidecar data is set to “off” in Preferences, and the user manually imports the sidecar data.

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